Workshop Packages & Pricing

The Right Wellbeing Strategy for Your Business

We know that happy and healthy staff are more productive. In fact, we're only just beginning to understand the full economic impact of workplace stress and the direct impact on overall business productivity.

A comprehensive workplace wellbeing program that addresses wellness, productivity and workplace culture helps employers make a difference to the health and wellbeing of their employees whilst simultaneously improving their bottom line.

We support businesses through the development and implementation of customisable wellbeing programs tailored to the individual needs of their business and employees.

Facilitation of workplace wellness programs are also available for individual teams and across organisation focusing on:


  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Cultivating a harmonious team environment
  • Building resilience
  • Nutrition and movement tips to promote health and wellness 
Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Workshop Packages and Pricing

Mindfulness in the Workplace

1.5 hour workshop

  • Introduction to Mindfulness. Why mindfulness and meditation important in the workplace.
  • The science behind stress and its impacts on health, happiness and productivity.
  • An introduction to the science behind mindfulness, and some key benefits of practising mindfulness in the workplace.
  • Tips to practice mindfulness at home and at work.
  • A 10 minute Practice Meditation Session.

Nutrition and Exercise in the Workplace

1.5 hour workshop

  • The science behind nutrition and exercise for managing stress.
  • Practical tips to get the most out of your lunch.
  • Tips to nourish the body and cultivate focus and productivity.
  • Tips for healthy snacking:
    • How to avoid the 3 pm slump
    • Tips to manage late nights in the office
  • Effective stretches and movement designed for sedentary work life.

Mindful Communication in the Workplace

Half day workshop

We each have unique preferences and styles, that of which, affect our style of communication. This workshop focuses on individual personality types and is designed to dig deep into the intricate details of your team members in the most loving and respected environment.

Designed to build confidence and give your team practical tools for the most effective ways of communicating with each other in the workplace.

Team Wellness Building

Full day workshop 

Incorporating elements of Mindfulness, Nutrition and Exercise in the workplace. With a focus on holistic wellbeing, you will learn how these elements create the foundation for establishing ongoing workplace health and wellbeing. 

  • Begin with Movement (45 min Yoga or Pilates session)
  • Ends with a 15 minute relaxing meditation session
  • All the practical science’y stuff in the middle.

Customised Workshops

We recognise that every workplace is different. We’re all kinda born with different personalities (weird hey?).

Speak with us about the individual needs of your team/organisation and we can help you design a program that best suits your needs.

Want to cultivate a healthy work environment?

Development and implementation of a holistic workplace wellbeing program doesn't have to be overwhelming. With over 10 years experience in Public Health Promotion in local government, I can lead you through the process of development and implementation.