My Story

I’m Bek, a Nutritionist & Wellness Coach. After 8 years in Public Health, I made the decision to honour myself, and follow my passion for wellness coaching, so here I am!

My collision into motherhood literally turned my world upside down and I was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety after the birth of my second child. I began blogging as a starting point for my recovery, allowing me to share my confronting experiences and challenges as a mum.

My story is unique to me, but what I have learned is that it is not unique to Mothers. Sharing my story has allowed me to explore my passion for coaching, helping women to achieve their unique health and wellness goals and now change the way we do wellness in the workplace.

I am obsessed with digging deep into what constitutes self-care and teaching people like you to make themselves a priority.

I haven’t always prioritised my self-care. In fact, it has taken a lot of hard work to get to a point where I am now able to put effective self-care strategies in place to prevent burnout in career and motherhood.


I know for Mums the juggle is real! Juggling young children, daycare drop off’s, school lunches, arsenic hour, career, job, partner and somehow fit in the time to prioritise your health (all whilst worrying about the fact that you’re not prioritising your health and wellness). Phew! It’s hard work.

Nutrition, Self-Care, and Wellness are my passions. I have lived it, I am living it and I am continually searching for and road testing different strategies to improve my own health and wellness and to re-shape how we do health and wellness in Motherhood and in the workplace.

My holistic approach to Nutrition & Wellness Coaching is focused on supporting busy, modern Mum’s with small children to prioritise their health and achieve their wellness goals.

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I can't wait to start working with you!