3 Ways To Include Mindfulness Into Your Daily Routine

So we know that adding some mindfulness exercises to our daily routine can help us to focus AND to relieve stress…

But for some of us, the thought of adding yet another thing to our to do list (on top of showering, exercising, work, meal prep, school drop off/pickup etc etc) sends us in to a spin!

Well, don’t stress little lady, here are a few really quick and SUPER easy exercises that you can slot right into your daily routine, without even really having to think about it! Sounds simple right?

Well, that’s because… it is!


I luuurve this idea, it kind of forces me to have a slightly longer shower (bad for the environment, but whatever). If the time taken to shower each day was an Olympic sport I’m pretty sure I would be on my way to a gold medal. Do you constantly hear phantom baby cries when in the shower? It’s a legitimate thing, I CONSTANTLY hear the baby crying or my toddler throwing a tantrum when I’m in the shower which slightly elevates my anxiety. I have found shower meditation a great way for me to either begin or end the day. Practicing these simple techniques in the shower kind of shuts me off from the world (including the kids) for a few minutes and really helps me feel centred and calm. Give this a try!Shower meditation


This is a good exercise to do on your way to work (obviously not whilst driving, because, you know, that’s dangerous and stuff) on public transport, on your lunch break or even in the office if you really wanted too, It’s even really fun to do when you’re watching the Wiggles for the 47th time that day! I digress…

Stare at an object and try to remain focused on that object for as long as possible. Keep a mental watch on when your mind starts to wander, then just bring it back to the object. The longer you stay focused, the more your mindfulness will increase.


There is almost nothing better than sitting down to a deliciously mouth watering meal, but most of us tend to inhale our food in a hurry, or on the run. Its rare that we actually treat eating a meal as a task all of its own. Particularly if you either don’t get a lunch break, or, like me are negotiating with mini terrorists (aka toddlers) at the dinner table, at the same time. But, if you could choose just one meal in your day, to sit and eat with limited distractions, then try to eat mindfully. Saviour the meal, really be mindful during those first few bites. Really focus on the smell, the texture and the taste, try to be conscious of how many chews you take before swallowing, this really helps with digestion also.

There you have it, three pretty simple, quick and relaxing mindfulness exercises that you can now start to include into your daily routine.

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