7 Steps to Self-Improvement for The Modern Woman

Are you feeling stuck, like you’re in a rut? Destined to make the same choices or the same mistakes over and over again? It can be really challenging to find ways to feel like you are moving forward, sometimes it seems like you can never change your situation and you have no choice but to keep playing the hand you’ve been dealt.

We have all been there, heck we would all be lying if we say otherwise. If you’re looking for that magic wand to suddenly appear and magically change your life situation for the better, then this post is definitely not it. Nothing worth having comes easy, we have all heard that before. But setting your intentions and putting some small, but progressive goals in place can dramatically alter your mindset and have you feeling as though you are making some lasting changes toward living the life you really want to be living.

Here are some ways to let yourself know that you are making baby steps towards self-improvement. Constantly aiming towards small advances will help you progress to meet your goals.

1) Just do the best you can babe!

We should really listen to our parents, the advice they gave us in school, or during sports still applies to our adult life. At the end of the day, if you know in your heart of hearts that you have done the best you can, then lady there is nothing left to give.

2) Queens make mistakes too… I know, right?

As confident as you may feel in your ability to make the right choices or the best decision, sometimes you might not make the right decision. You need to understand that whilst you are a Queen, Queens are actually humans too… just with kick arse crowns, and you are not at fault for being human, or for not seeing the perfect solution.

If you have done the best you can, then even if a decision doesn’t pan out well, take some comfort in knowing no one can be right all the time… except mums, am i right?

3) Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Whilst there is warm sunggly comfort in keeping to the same choices, the same routine and that same predictable path. Sometimes, for varied reasons we are forced to step outside our safe space. This can be scary and confronting, particularly if it’s sudden. Tell yourself that it will be okay even if you fail or it doesn’t go well. You will never know if you can do something different if you don’t at least give it try. And sometimes we can really limit ourselves, and get in our own way by dismissing our potential before we have even considered it.

4) Learn to do things solo.

How often are you finding yourself putting other peoples needs first? It’s what we as women and mums naturally do. And whilst this is a great quality to have, the balance can shift if we are not being true to ourselves and looking after number 1 first.

If you have ever travelled alone or gone out to the movies, or out for dinner alone you would have noticed the difference in rhythem as opposed to doing things with other people. Relying on your own inner vice to direct you and guide you in your decision making can have a grounding effect and can really help bring you back to centre.

You will find that you will do more to please and reward yourself instead of doing things to please others.

5) Learn when to say “no thank you” and when to say “thank you.”

Following on from the above, as women and as mums we are almost biologically programmed to say “Sure, I’ll take on that extra project, errand or responsibility,” when asked. It’s time you learn to know your limits and the imaginary line you need to stop before you become overwhelmed. Develop the confidence to say No, without an apology to go with that.

At the same time, if given a compliment for a job well done, or if someone notices you are looking pretty damn fine today, its perfectly okay to just say “thanks man!.”  and not follow it up with a “But”. Allow yourself that momentary surge of pride or confidence.


6) Avoid negative people.

Recognising the negative Nancie’s in your life can be challenging, particularly if those people are close to you. Surrounding your self with the the naysayers and those that find all the reasons why things won’t work, will be too hard to do, too risky, or too expensive is a one way ticket to “rutsville”.

Keep your exposure to those folks to a minimum and instead surround yourself with those who make you feel uplifted and positive about your future.

7) Know your worth!

Sharing your special knowledge and expertise with others will affirm that you have unique and important skills to offer. This helps to position yourself, where people will start to align you with their similar interests and skills. You never know, this may even open up some opportunities for you that you may never have previously even considered.

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