5 Ways Mindfulness Helps You To Focus


Mindfulness – A millennial buzzword!

Despite the practice of mindfulness being around for thousands of years, it has definitely gained popularity and become a fashionable activity in recent times. So how can mindfulness help you to cultivate laser-sharp focus?


  1. Reducing depressive symptoms – Mindfulness techniques can free up your brain and increase working memory capacity. Essentially training your brain to be better at concentrating, because each time you notice your mind wanders off from whatever you’re focusing on, you intentionally bring your attention back to the object of your attention.


  1. Avoid multitasking – Practicing mindfulness allows you to focus on one task at a time. It sounds counter-productive, we hear all the time how us mums are epic multitaskers,  it’s almost expected of us. In reality, multitasking reduces productivity and increases stress, which brings us to my next point;


  1. Stress reduction – Practicing mindfulness allows you to become more aware of your thoughts. You can then step back from them and not take them so literally. That way, your stress response is not initiated in the first place.


  1. Efficiency – You don’t immediately react to a situation. Instead, practicing mindfulness enables you to have a moment to pause and then use your adult brain to come up with the best solution, and quickly. You’re therefore more likely to get in the “zone” and stay there!


  1. Effective Planning – Ok, so it might appear as though mindfulness conflicts with the concept of planning, but they do actually complement each other nicely. Planning allows us to reduce the burdens that the mind needs to worry about, when we schedule and plan all our responsibilities and duties we then have less to distract us from our daily tasks. By applying mindfulness techniques to planning, the process becomes more effective as we are less likely to allow the disruptions of other tasks and ideas to delay the planning process.

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