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6 Tips to Worry Less

Have you ever been asked why you worry so much? Have you ever asked yourself why you worry so much? Mums are notorious worriers from way back. Worrying is built in to our DNA. It is thought that worrying is a beneficial trait of our ancestors that has evolved from our instinctual, primitive response to…

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7 Steps to Self-Improvement for The Modern Woman

Are you feeling stuck, like you’re in a rut? Destined to make the same choices or the same mistakes over and over again? It can be really challenging to find ways to feel like you are moving forward, sometimes it seems like you can never change your situation and you have no choice but to…

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Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

It’s funny how before having children I had all the self confidence in the world. Once the tiny humans came along my self confidence just disappeared without a trace, along with my previous life. The older I get the more aware I seem to be of my short comings, the harder I am on myself…

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Self-Care Strategies for Busy Mums

“When was the last time you made time to do something just for you?” Do you get annoyed when people ask you this? Like, if you had a spare half an hour to go and get a massage and have a glass of wine (at the same time) you would totally be there, but you…

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9 Ways to Prioritise Your To Do List

Procrastinating is like air to me some days, so I have to actively try hard not to procrastinate. My best defence is writing lists… lots of lists. I have to be careful though, because some days I have just too many lists on the go that it overwhelms me and I begin procrastinating. And so…

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7 Tips to Start Improving Your Gut Health

gut health

Everything that you are is a result of what you digest and absorb, so when we hear the saying “you are what you eat” it’s probably more like, “you are what you digest and absorb”. In essence, your body has two brains, the second being the body’s gut. So, our gut is essential in helping…

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3 Ways To Include Mindfulness Into Your Daily Routine

girl mindfulness

So we know that adding some mindfulness exercises to our daily routine can help us to focus AND to relieve stress… But for some of us, the thought of adding yet another thing to our to do list (on top of showering, exercising, work, meal prep, school drop off/pickup etc etc) sends us in to a spin!…

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5 Ways Mindfulness Helps You To Focus

Mindfulness – A millennial buzzword! Despite the practice of mindfulness being around for thousands of years, it has definitely gained popularity and become a fashionable activity in recent times. So how can mindfulness help you to cultivate laser-sharp focus?   Reducing depressive symptoms – Mindfulness techniques can free up your brain and increase working memory…

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How PND & Anxiety Changed My Life For The Better!

Start from the beginning here. Before children I was often described as easy going; relaxed; grounded – and some may even go as far as to say a little bit hilarious! Mental illness was not something that I had ever dealt with on a personal level, I was aware and thankfully educated on the signs of…

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Colliding into Motherhood

Here is my honest, unapologetic and somewhat confronting story of how I literally collided into motherhood. I chose to share this extremely private part of my life in the hope that it may help some fellow mums out there to not feel so alone in their struggles. Big hugs to you all xx. Baby #1…

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