Strategies to Thrive in Motherhood

Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Workplace Wellbeing Programs

As an ex-local government dweller and self-improvement junkie, I know all too well the effects of a negative work culture. Investing in your staff and their wellbeing can have a significant impact on their productivity, and ultimately your bottom line.

What we offer:

  • Customised wellbeing programs tailored to you and your team.
  • Mindfulness and Movement workshops to promote wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Mentoring - Guiding business and workplace leaders to develop an ongoing and sustainable wellbeing program to support your team.

Nutrition Consultations

I'm Bek, a tertiary qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach.

I help Mum's prioritise themselves and achieve their wellness goals through holistic, evidence-based Nutritional advice. I focus specifically on hormonal balance, gut health, and postpartum depletion.

Being a Mum is hard work! Juggling all the things often leaves us feeling overworked and undervalued making it difficult to find the time to invest in ourselves.

I encourage a balanced, whole food approach to eating that is not only tailored to your individual needs but easy and sustainable for you and your family.

Wellness Coaching for Busy Mums

Prioritising your health and wellness filters down to every aspect of your life. If you value your health and wellbeing, then others will too.

I'm a Nutritionist and Wellness Coach who believes in nourishing Mum’s from the inside out. I support and elevate Mum's on their wellness journey to not only achieve their health and wellness goals but to build resilience, create personal boundaries and thrive in motherhood and career.

If you are ready to take control of your health and wellness and start feeling confident and nourished, then lady, you are in the right place...



6 Tips to Worry Less

By Bek | August 23, 2017

Have you ever been asked why you worry so much? Have you ever asked yourself why you worry so much? Mums are notorious worriers from way back. Worrying is built in to our DNA. It is thought that worrying is a beneficial trait of our ancestors that has evolved from our instinctual, primitive response to…

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Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

By Bek | July 26, 2017

It’s funny how before having children I had all the self confidence in the world. Once the tiny humans came along my self confidence just disappeared without a trace, along with my previous life. The older I get the more aware I seem to be of my short comings, the harder I am on myself…

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Self-Care Strategies for Busy Mums

By Bek | June 22, 2017

“When was the last time you made time to do something just for you?” Do you get annoyed when people ask you this? Like, if you had a spare half an hour to go and get a massage and have a glass of wine (at the same time) you would totally be there, but you…

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